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Math Lesson Plans Spotlight10

Lesson Plan: Heart Rate Graphing

In PE, health, or math class, students will learn how to find and record their heart rate, and will create a double bar graph over the course of a two week period.

Resources: Cross-Curricular Learning

This link provides informational articles about cross-curricular learning as well as web resources that can be used to plan units of learning.

Lesson Plan: Geometric Art

During a math or art period, students will create a picture using geometric shapes.

Lesson Plan: Area and Perimeter

Students will apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in order to create a fence in which to house a (make-believe) pet.

Lesson Plan: Estimation

Students will estimate lengths of everyday objects, and will use the vocabulary “inches”, “feet”, “centimeters” and “meters”.

Lesson Plan: Choosing and Using Correct Tools

Students will choose and use an appropriate tool to correctly measure and object.

Lesson Plan: Non-Standard Measurement

Students will use a non-standard measure (paper clips) to measure the length of several objects.

Lesson Plan: Bigger and Smaller

Students will compare two objects and use the vocabulary bigger/smaller, taller/shorter, and more/less to describe their respective attributes.

Lesson Plan: Graphing in PE Class

Students will collect data on how fast they run 50 yards, and will create personal graphs of their results over time.

Lesson Plan: Math and Music - Fractions

Students will use some of their favorite songs to develop an understanding of fractions.

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