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Cross-Curricular Lesson Plans

These cross-curricular lesson plans combine math and other subjects, including science, social studies, and language arts.

Lesson Plan: Math and Literature - The Greedy Triangle
Students will use The Greedy Triangle to study angles and sides of two-dimensional shapes.

Kinder Art
Kinder Art has a section of their website with a number of cross-curricular lesson plans that integrate core subjects with the arts.

Teaching Community A is for Apple
Teaching Community has several lessons that reach a variety of curricular areas. This one integrates science, math, and language arts for young children.

ProTeacher Math and Science
ProTeacher's site includes several helpful discussions on teaching strategies. This one focuses on the integration of math and science in the classroom.

Discovery Education Explore the Blue
Here teachers can find a number of learning activities that integrate science, social studies, math, language arts, and even PE/health.

Lesson Plan: Geometry Dictionary
Students will create a geometry dictionary that they will add to all year long.

Lesson Plan: Origami and Geometry
Students will use origami to develop a knowledge of geometric properties.

Lesson Plan: Music and Multiplication
Students will draw pictures, or write poems or songs, in order to remember difficult multiplication facts

Lesson Plan: Sentence Fluency and Graphing
In language arts or math class, students will use a page of their favorite book to count and then graph the length of sentences.

Lesson Plan: Math and Music - Fractions
Students will use some of their favorite songs to develop an understanding of fractions.

Lesson Plan: Graphing in PE Class
Students will collect data on how fast they run 50 yards, and will create personal graphs of their results over time.

Lesson Plan: Geometric Art
During a math or art period, students will create a picture using geometric shapes.

Lesson Plan: Heart Rate Graphing
In PE, health, or math class, students will learn how to find and record their heart rate, and will create a double bar graph over the course of a two week period.

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