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Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

Fourth grade lesson plans include topics such as number and operations, fractions, geometry, measurement, and algebraic thinking.

Lesson Plan: Introduction to Two-Digit Multiplication
Students will use their understanding of place value and single digit multiplication to begin multiplying two-digit numbers.

Teaching Channel Decimals
Aligned to the Common Core Standards, this lesson focuses on the understanding of tenths and hundredths.

A to Z Teacher Stuff
There are a number of elementary lesson plans for 4th graders at A to Z Teacher Stuff.

Jump Start Math
Scroll down to find several math activities for fourth grade students, including "Longing for Division", "Unlocking Multiplication", and "Casting a Spell".

Instructor Web - Fractions
Instructor Web focuses here on fraction lessons for intermediate grade students.

Lesson Plan: Expanded Notation
Students will create, read, and decompose large numbers.

Lesson Plan: Factor Trees
Students will create a factor tree with numbers between 1 and 100.

Lesson Plan: Area and Perimeter
Students will apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in order to create a fence in which to house a (make-believe) pet.

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