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Second Grade Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for second grade students include number and operations, geometry, measurement, and algebraic thinking.

Lesson Plan: Snacks Sorting, Counting, and Graphing
Second graders will use food to learn how to sort, count, and graph quantities to 10.

Suite 101 Lessons
For second grade students, this lesson focuses on reading and writing numerals up to 100.

Kids Money
Focusing on money skills, this site provides several learning activities to teach about coins and saving.

Ed Helper Math
Ed Helper has a number of printable resources for the 2nd grade math classroom.

Jelly Bean Fractions
Students will practice their fraction skills using jelly beans in this lesson by Lakeshore.

Lesson Plan: Three Digit Place Value
Students will develop their understanding of place value by identifying what each numeral of a three digit number stands for.

Lesson Plan: Choosing and Using Correct Tools
Students will choose and use an appropriate tool to correctly measure and object.

Lesson Plan: Estimation
Students will estimate lengths of everyday objects, and will use the vocabulary “inches”, “feet”, “centimeters” and “meters”.

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