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Third Grade Lesson Plans

The third grade lesson plans found here include topics such as number and operations, geometry, measurement, fractions, data, and algebraic thinking.

Lesson Plan: Survey Data & Graphing
Students will use a survey to collect and then represent data in a picture graph and bar graph.

Math Cats Multiplication
This site provides many very visual ways to get students to understand the concept of multiplication.

K-6Edu.com Math Lessons
Here you can find several activities for third grade students on topics including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more.

Math Lesson Plans - Division
Several days of introductory division lesson plans at Math Lesson Plans.com

Instructor Web - Geometry
This geometry lesson comes with all of the handouts necessary for a lesson on geometric shapes and the real world application of math concepts.

Lesson Plan: Quilting with Fractions
In this lesson, students will explore shapes as they create a quilt square, and will then use their quilt to identify fractional parts of a whole.

Lesson Plan: Writing Story Problems
Students will learn to solve a variety of word problems by writing their own and comparing them to classmates' problems.

Lesson Plan: Rounding
Students will develop an understanding of the common rules of rounding to the nearest 10.

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